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Art Licensing School

Do what you love & take control of your income

We've got some news for you, artists...

You don't have to sit around hoping for freelance gigs while stress-eating Ben & Jerry's anymore.

Art licensing, or "loaning" your art to companies for use on products, can bring in a whole new income stream for your lettering or illustration business. And it means YOU get to be in the driver's seat, deciding what you want to make and when.

Ready to get started? We're here to help you every step of the way.

Which Product is Right for Me?

  • Art Licensing Portfolio Builder

    This is a strategic (and fun!) collection of 100 prompts designed to help artists build a killer licensing portfolio. It's perfect for the letterer or illustrator who knows the ins-and-outs of licensing but needs help putting pen to paper and creating pieces for their portfolio.

  • Art Licensing for Letterers: E-Course

    This is a comprehensive online course about art licensing (and it includes the Portfolio Builder for free!). It covers everything from contracts to fee structures to finding buyers, and a WHOLE lot more. It's great for anyone starting out with licensing.

Who Are We?

Ilana Griffo

Ilana is a Mama, lettering artist, and the author of Mind Your Business, a workbook for creative entrepreneurs. After working on her own line of paper goods, she got requests to design for bigger brands, leading her into the world of art licensing. Now she spends her time designing for planners, stationery, apparel and more!

Katie Johnson

Katie is a lettering artist with an affinity for ornamentation. She stumbled into art licensing after creating her own line of greeting cards that happened to catch the attention of other card companies. She has been happily designing cards, gift bags, totes, and many other products for brands ever since.